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Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or lacking focus?

Try breathwork.

By harnessing the natural power of your breath, you can unlock a range of benefits like stress reduction, improved focus and energy, and a sense of calm. Whether you’re seeking a quick reset or a transformative practice, exploring breathwork offers a readily available and effective way to invest in yourself and unlock your full potential

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Created for those who are seeking to create positive change in their lives.

Learn 5 simple breathing techniques:

  • Going beyond basic instruction, offering a variety of breathwork techniques specifically designed to address common challenges like stress, overwhelm, lack of focus, and low energy.
  • Simplified techniques provide clear instructions to get you started or expand your practice.
  • It equips you with the knowledge and tools to take charge of your well-being.

Our free guide is for:

You’re feeling frustrated or stuck in your journey towards greater well-being, despite:

The ones who’ve tried:

  • Reading countless articles and guides: You’ve consumed information but haven’t found clear, actionable steps.
  • Experimenting with different apps or programs: You’ve explored various tools but haven’t found a practice that resonates with you.
  • Feeling lost and unsure where to start: You’re overwhelmed by options and unsure how to begin your breathwork journey.

… yet still know you haven’t reached your full impact potential.

This guide offers a clear and practical path to unlock the transformative power of breathwork and empower you to achieve your well-being goals.

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The human behind the guide

Hi and hello, I’m Maggie.

I’m an award-winning marketing strategist, and a certified somatic and executive coach, and a breathwork facilitator.

For over two whole decades I’ve been supporting values-driven businesses and nonprofits to grow their impact and income in ways that are aligned with their values, and respect and empower the people they serve.

My big and bold goal? 

To support people to be their best selves in a way that doesn’t overwhelm but creates lasting impact. For change to be underpinned by kindness and consideration. For integrity to take precedence over quick wins.

This guide is a taste of how I’ve helped people harness the magic within, to shift their mindsets, inspire change, and change the world if that’s their calling.

Ready to learn more about breathwork and how 5 minutes a day can help your well-being and support your nervous system? 

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WHAT Our Clients Are Saying

“Coaching with Maggie has been so rewarding! Maggie provides focus and clarity on a variety of issues while always focusing on creating a feasible action plan to address challenges. After Maggie’s coaching, I feel very confident in the paths and deliverables we have identified as outcomes. ”