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Grow into the leader you’re most proud to be.

1:1 support to help you evolve into your greatest leadership potential and help your small business/nonprofit expand its success and impact.

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For small business owners and nonprofit execs who want to be capable, kind and clear thinking leaders and find success in their organization.



Are you a nonprofit leader or small business owner  who:

  • Runs a values-led nonprofit /business and is devoted to being of service in a way that’s ethical and kind?
  • Wants to lead in their own unique and authentic way, but isn’t quite sure what that looks like (yet!)
  • Sometimes feels like they ‘follow the crowd’, rather than doing what feels right for them in their work and leadership?
  • Is open to breaking through the internal blocks and limitations that are keeping you stuck (hello there: self limiting thoughts and self protective fears!)?
  • Wants to devote yourself to self care and self connection, so your actions come from a place of inner alignment?
  • Is ready to take your nonprofit or business into its next level of impact and success, and needs a helping hand moving from A to B?

Being a leader is a big and beautiful responsibility… 

You have a bold vision to bring to life, (potentially) staff looking to you for direction and decision making and a never-ending list of to-do’s.

Amongst the busyness and the pressures, it can be hard to stay attuned to your True North and connected to yourself and your inner wisdom, so you can lead in a way that feels like the most true representation of you.

As well as this, being a leader can stir up all sorts of worries, insecurities and fears, which many put to the bottom of the priority pile, in order to care for their teams and communities.

I want you to know that the impact you work for and the success you strive for, all begin within you…

And that in order to grow your mission to where you want it to be, doing the inner work and cultivating an insightful and healthy relationship with yourself, is a must.

This is where my leadership coaching comes in. 

Over 3 months (which you can extend if you choose!) you and I will create a unique plan to grow you as a leader – knowing that as you grow, so too will your business/nonprofit.

You’ll receive:

  • Personalized 1:1 support for 3 months (with 9 sessions in total) to help you identify the kind of leader you want to be, and then get you there.
  • A kick off call to get clear and dive deep into your goals, dreams, values and so much more.
  • 3 weekly 1 hour sessions per month, held on Zoom to dive deep, do ‘the work’ and monitor the results.
  • An integration week each month to put into action what you’ve learned over the month.
  • A bespoke suite of tools to help you overcome the blocks that are standing between you and your leadership potential, goals and dreams.
  • Availability between sessions, via email for you to share your braindumps, contemplations, celebrations and concerns
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Kind words

“Coaching with Maggie has been so rewarding! Maggie provides focus and clarity on a variety of issues while always focusing on creating a feasible action plan to address challenges. After Maggie’s coaching, I feel very confident in the paths and deliverables we have identified as outcomes. ”

– Amanda G
The human behind the coaching

Hi and hello, I’m Maggie.

I’m a certified somatic and leadership coach and marketing consultant.

For the past 20 years I’ve been supporting nonprofits and social impact businesses to grow, so they can reach more people and do more good in the world.

Because I believe so deeply in my client’s missions and came to notice, time and again, that even the very best marketing strategy in the world wouldn’t work if the leaders bringing it to life were plagued with their own self doubts, fears and limitations…

I became a certified Professional Coach with Coaching Evolved, and trained in Breathwork, Emotional Freedom Technique (sometimes known as ‘tapping’) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) so I could help leaders do the important inner work that was holding them back.

(Sidenote: It’s WILD what happens when you work from the inside out in this way!)

My 1:1 leadership coaching and consulting honours the wisdom of your mind and your body.

We’ll call on the support of body based practices (like visualization and breathwork) to help you hear the wisdom that lies within you.

Sound a bit ‘woo’? If you’ve ever gone on holiday and fully disconnected and relaxed, only to be flooded with creative ideas – this is what can happen when you get out of your own head!

Body based practices are simply tools to help you do that … without having to go on holiday!

Here’s just some of what we could work on together:

  • Get clear on the kind of leader YOU want to be, and help you grow into that person
  • Expanding your nervous system’s capacity to hold uncertainty so you can be a pillar of strength during times of (inevitable) uncertainty in your business/nonprofit
  • More deeply aligning your work with your values and desired lifestyle
  • Busting through the self doubt and limiting thoughts that are keeping you and your mission small
  • Up-leveling your confidence and self belief so you share about your mission with conviction and passion
  • Getting more comfortable being ‘seen’ so you can share with your audience with consistently, openly and vulnerably
  • Fine-tuning your intuition so you can make decisions from a place of integrity and truth
  • Leaning into telling your organizations story so you can more easily help people connect with your message 
  • Overcoming the blocks that are keeping you stagnant (we all have ways that we self sabotage, friend!)
Kind words

“Grateful for your wisdom, kindness, and the super fun and productive meetings we have each week.”

Your investment.

$1800 for 3 months.

Non profit pricing available.

This includes 9 x 1 hour coaching sessions on Zoom and email support between sessions.

Have questions, or are curious to connect to see if we’re a good fit for one another? 

Book an obligation free call here. 

(Are you a leader seeking support to strategically grow your business/nonprofit? My Mindful Marketing Mastery may be a better fit for you. Learn more here.)