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Review and Renew: 

Monthly Marketing Feedback and Advice

Monthly expert feedback on your business’s/nonprofit’s marketing efforts, to keep you on track and having an impact. 

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For small business owners and nonprofit execs who want to make an impact, have customized support, and excel their online marketing efforts.



Are you a small business owner or nonprofit leader who:

  • Doesn’t want to/can’t afford to invest in having someone else create their marketing content for them, but would love a fresh set of expert eyes to tell you whether or not you’re saying and doing the right things?
  • Has been in their business/nonprofit for some time and needs an objective outsider to help them see the wood for the trees, and make sure their marketing is working as effectively as it could be?
  • Feels overwhelmed by, and doesn’t know what to prioritize in, their marketing strategy and wants help breaking it down into bite sized chunks (with feedback along the way)? 
  • Knows that analytics are important, but doesn’t have the faintest idea where to start in tracking them, let alone using the data to advise what you should do next?
Review and Renew is for you!

My monthly marketing feedback and advice service spans 6 months.

Not only will you be guided on how to improve your marketing and get feedback on specific pieces of content, you’ll learn new skills and knowledge along the way. 

By the end of our time together? 

Not only will you see tangible outcomes (like higher conversion rates, more organic traffic to your website and improved engagement!)… 

You’ll feel confident to go forward on your own, and connect with your audience in the way they want and need. 

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How Review and Renew works:

Step 1:

We get clear on your business/nonprofits dreams and goals, so we can make sure your marketing efforts are moving you in their direction. 

With my fresh expert eyes, I help you identify what’s working, what’s not working, and opportunities for improving your marketing.

From there we create a bespoke plan for our time together (because no two businesses/nonprofits are alike!)… 

Optimizing the keywords on your website, utilizing hashtags on social media, creating content pillars, reviewing your nurture sequence, making sure your messaging is speaking directly to your niche – whatever your business/nonprofit needs, we can do.

Step 2:

Every month you send me a list of the marketing content you want reviewed. This could be content from your website, social media, email marketing, ads, blog – you name it, if it helps you spread your message and connect with your audience, I can review it.

I’ll do my expert marketing thing behind the scenes, making sure everything’s up to scratch and speaking to your audience as effectively as possible…

I’ll also review your key analytics, to see what’s happening in the backend of your business/nonprofit too (this is a great way to check if things are actually working!). 

Step 3:

From there, we’ll jump on Zoom for a monthly 60 minute meeting and I’ll share my findings and tips with you.

After our call, I’ll email you a list of what we discussed, complete with my detailed list of recommendations from my monthly review. 

Step 4:

You (and your team if you have one) take the guidance I’ve given you and use it to inform your next month’s marketing efforts.

Not only will your outcomes improve, you’ll feel more confident sharing with your community and creating your marketing materials too!

You’ll receive 6 months of my expert marketing advice, including:

  • An in-depth onboarding meeting to help me get to know you and your business/nonprofit, take a peek at your analytics, and assess what’s working and what needs improving with your marketing.
  • A monthly review of your marketing content.
  • Monthly analytics review (Google Analytics, your socials and your email marketing).
  • 60 minute Zoom meeting per month to talk through my findings and give you personalized marketing training and advice.
  • Monthly written recommendations, based on my content and analytics review and our meeting.
  • Support between sessions, via email for braindumps, contemplations, celebrations and shares.
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Kind words

“Maggie is professional and true to her values. Working with an international, volunteer-run, service organization is tough. Maggie always takes the high-road and leads by example.

She is knowledgeable & creative. We rely heavily on her advice to create a website that serves as the information hub for our international organization together.”


Feedback and Advice

Some of what we can Review and Renew…

Your website

Improve your Search Engine Optimized

Increase your organic traffic

Get feedback on your site’s design and usability 

Improve your user experience

Ensure your website copy and messaging speaks directly to your dream client

Blog posts

Review your analytics

Your social media

Ensure you’re on the perfect platforms for your business/nonprofit

Get feedback on your content plan

Review your content across each platform

Create content pillars

Make sure your content is speaking directly to your dream clients (each platform may be different)

Review your analytics

Your email

Review your welcome, nurture and sales emails

Get feedback on your content plan

Improve your email subject lines

Review your analytics

Create content pillars

Make sure your emails are speaking directly to your dream clients’ wants and needs.

Online marketing

Improve your Search Engine Optimized

Make sure your messaging and branding are consistent across all your platforms

Review your online ads

Look at your marketing ecosystem and how it all works together

Make sure you’re using the right systems to support your marketing

Podcast analytics

Your investment.

$6000 for 6 months.

Non-profit pricing available.

This includes an in-depth onboarding meeting and monthly review, meeting and written recommendations. 

Have questions, or are curious to connect to see if we’re a good fit for one another? 

Book an obligation free call here. 
Kind words

“Maggie is professional, confident, enthusiastic and resilient.  She is always a constructive member of the team and continually exceeds the expectations of the board.  She is a pleasure to work with. “