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3 months of ethical marketing and leadership support to help you grow your organization with passion, purpose & profit.

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You’re here to be of service and make your mark on the world, and are devoted to doing it ethically and with integrity.

You’re passionate about the work you do, and want your business or non-profit to grow in a way that’s aligned with your values.

Growing a business that balances the head and the heart, and the doing with the being, is oh-so important to you (even if you haven’t prioritized this in the past!)

You’re a unique human, with a unique mission, who wants a unique roadmap to support you and your work to move forward.

You know marketing is important, but haven’t figured out how to do it in a way that feels enjoyable and sustainable.

You’re in the right place. Welcome.

I’ve Got you

I don’t believe that one-size-fits-all. Mindful Marketing Mastery is personal.

Mindful Marketing Mastery is a bespoke 3 month business and personal growth journey for small businesses, nonprofits, dreamers and doers who want to increase their income, amplify their impact, and do more good in the world.

Together, you and I will move you and your vision from where you are, to where you deeply desire to be, in the right way for you.


We will weave the strategy with the soul.

At the heart of all businesses and nonprofits are humans, and if the humans doing the work aren’t thriving, then their visions and missions can’t thrive.

This is why Mindful Marketing Mastery works holistically and tends to both the strategy (the planning, the doing, the metrics and the outcomes) and the soul (the heart, the wellness, the strengths and the self connection of the humans behind the brand/purpose).

When both are nurtured and honoured? 

Your impact and income skyrocket, and you can live your purpose even more deeply and expansively. 



“Coaching with Maggie has been so rewarding! Maggie provides focus and clarity on a variety of issues while always focusing on creating a feasible action plan to address challenges.  After Maggie’s coaching, I feel very confident in the paths and deliverables we have identified as outcomes. ”

– Amanda G.
Strategy + Soul

While no two Mindful Marketing Mastery journeys are the same, here’s some of what we might explore together:


Creating an aligned marketing roadmap.

Crafting an aligned social media strategy.

Reviewing and refining your offerings.

Mapping out nurture and sales email sequences.

Up-leveling your website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Securing donations and funding.

Mapping out a membership strategy.


Expanding your nervous system’s capacity to hold uncertainty.

More deeply aligning your work with your values and desired lifestyle.

Busting through self doubt and limiting thoughts.

Up-leveling your confidence and self belief.

Getting more comfortable being ‘seen’.

Fine-tuning your intuition.

Leaning into telling your story.

Overcoming the blocks that are keeping you stagnant.

Curious about what our ‘soul’ work might involve?

As a certified somatic business coach (a kind of coaching that supports the mind and body – unlike say, psychology and counselling support that’s solely focused on supporting the mind) I have a treasure trove of tools to support you.

Meditation, journalling, breathwork, nature walks, tapping (otherwise known as Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT) – these are just some of the somatic practices I have tucked up my sleeves.

If some of these tools and practices sound like another language, don’t worry! Everything is optional and we will work with what you feel drawn to and comfortable with.

The Mindful Marketing Mastery Program
Month 1


We’ll get crystal clear on the current landscape of your business/nonprofit and your inner world.

Together we’ll unearth opportunities and obstacles,  and create a roadmap for our time together that’s aligned with your values, future vision and desired ways of working and serving.

From there you’ll start taking aligned action steps (the strategy) and begin your soul work journey too!

Month 2


More aligned action, on both the strategy and soul fronts, is on the cards this month and you’ll begin to see your roadmap unfold before your very eyes.

There’s a big and beautiful focus on sustainable work practices in this phase and you’ll begin to explore how somatic practices and time in nature can support your inner world and your business/nonprofit to thrive

Month 3


In this phase we’ll reflect on what’s worked and what needs refining as you prepare to spread your wings and end your Mindful Marketing Mastery journey (unless you choose to continue it, of course!)

We’ll also create a roadmap for your next 3 months, so you can rest assured you feel confident and excited about your next steps.

The Mindful Marketing Mastery Program

Every month, for 3 whole months (YAY!) you will receive:

  • Week 1: 1 hour business mentoring/marketing consulting sessions. These sessions are our opportunity to focus on all things strategy.
  • Week 2: 1 hour coaching sessions. All things soul will be our priority during these sessions.
  • Week 3: 1 hour implementation. Let’s co-work together to ensure you’re getting your tasks done and done right.
  • Week 4: Integration week so you can rest, recharge, and integrate what you’ve learned into your business or non-profit.
  • 2 hours of messaging support where you can text me for brainstorming, cheerleading, advice, guidance and a shoulder to lean on (because I know that the business journey can be a lonely one!)

We’ll also meet for a half day kick-off session at the beginning of our journey together (to dream, scheme and set meaningful goals for our time together)… 

And again for a half day wrap-up session at the end of our 3 months (to craft your a  road map for your next 90 days and of course, to CELEBRATE what I know will be your incredible growths and wins!)

PLUS you’ll get exclusive access to Moxie’s (ever expanding!) library of proven business growth and marketing tools and resources. Ethical marketing planning templates, values tools, guided meditations and recorded breathwork sessions are just some of the goodies you’ll find inside!



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Hi! I’m Maggie!

I’m an award-winning marketing strategist, a certified somatic and business coach, and your (very honoured) Mindful Marketing Mastery guide.

With over 20 years of marketing experience, I’ve partnered with hundreds of spirited and huge-hearted entrepreneurs and inspiring nonprofits, to help them grow their businesses and missions with passion, purpose and profit.

From creating an award-winning strategy for a local farmer’s market, to providing Search Engine Optimization support that resulted in a 100% increase in website traffic, I’ve had the pleasure of supporting businesses and nonprofits of all shapes and sizes to live their missions with authenticity and success, and with their values lighting their way.

Mindful Marketing Mastery is a culmination of everything I’ve tried, learned and that I know works. I can’t wait to journey with you as you take your purpose and profit to the next level.

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Intake process was thorough and in-depth with strong feedback and evaluated milestones /expectations from both of us being well outlined. 

Highly recommend for anyone wanting to stand out in a competitive market and create a unique focus-driven brand.”

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Do something today that your future self, and your profit and purpose, will thank you for.

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